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Season 1, Episode 6

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Season 1, Episode 6

Frankie’s stalker behaves ever more strangely, deeply unsettling her. It’s gone beyond a joke. Andy and Ian are thrown together as a result of a vicious dog attack and they cement their rivalry for Frankie’s heart. Who will Frankie choose?


About the Program


A heroine for the modern age, district nurse Frankie Maddox looks life and death in the eye on a daily basis; her mission is to make a difference. Frankie is an infectious character, she's electric and quirky, absolutely wonderful at her job and adapts to every situation life and work can throw at her as she tries to live in the fast lane and juggle her work at the same time. This heartwarming and funny series follows Frankie and her eclectic team as they visit their patients at home and takes a look at ordinary lives, which are often in huge domestic crises. The nurses enjoy their work; it may infuriate, frustrate and even bore them at times, but they turn up day in and day out and wouldn't choose to do anything else – even when missed birthday parties and emotionally neglected kids are the order of the day. All that matters, whatever their flaws, is that they do a good day's work, and make life better for their patients.